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During the 1960´s "Olivos Montessori School" was established in Buenos Aires. This kindergarten educated the children of foreign families. Parents chose this school because of the Montessori method, because their sons and daughters came from Montessori schools abroad, or because they knew about Montessori and wanted the best education for their siblings.

When this school closed, three of the teachers decided to found a new kindergarten with the same philosophy and pedagogy. They found the perfect location for this school: a big house with a garden in the same area. This is how "Jardín Montessori Olivos" was founded in 1975.

In the beginning it served as an English language academy for childen, mainly because the community was foreign and they wanted their children to learn or practice the language until they returned to their country. As time went by, more argentine children entered the school. With time it became a pre-school institution.

Olivos Montessori is still the only institution in Buenos Aires that applies the Montessori philosophy and works with material especially designed by Maria Montessori.

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