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After finishing at the Olivos Montessori School parents usually choose bilingual schools for their children, because the children have a wide vocabulary and a great understanding of the English language.

Children coming from a Montessori school are confident, they have accquired a great deal of knowledge and are ready to fit into any school comfortably. All their classmates will be attending a "big school" and the children are prepared for this change.

Montessori education had a long-term impact on later school performance. At the very least, students transition excellently on an academic level. Remember, these are children who have learned how to learn - where to find information on their own if they need it. They are accustomed to research and to tackling new subjects. These skills stand them in very good stead when they move to traditional schools.
No matter the kind of education a child receives, leaving a familiar classroom or school behind can cause some feelings of sadness for students of any age. Montessori children are apt to miss their former instructors and schoolmates as well as the buildings and playgrounds they knew so well. Teachers and parents can help children by having frequent conversations with them about what they are feeling and experiencing.

"The habits and skills which a child develops in a Montessori class are good for a lifetime. They will help him to work more efficiently, to observe more carefully and to concentrate more effectively, no matter where he goes. If he is in a stimulating environment, whether at home or at school, his self-education -- which is the only real education -- will continue."
Aline D. Wolf

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